What's Inspiring Me Lately

Reading... Bird By Bird by Anne Lamott

I'll be the first to admit that I fell off the writing wagon this summer. But near the tail end of summer, this book landed on my reading list. Granted, I haven't finished it yet - half way through! - but I'm loving it. Her prose is easy to read - teaching you the essentials of writing while also telling you a story. I'm underlining every other sentence, taking notes, feeling challenged. 

Get your own copy here

Listening... CreativeMornings Podcast

Any fellow Creative Mornings fans out there? Well, if you've never been to a Creative Mornings (there's no shame), you can get a taste of the experience through the Creative Mornings podcast. Creative Mornings in a free monthly breakfast talk with 151 chapters worldwide. Each month, chapters meet and listen to a creative talk inspired by a monthly theme - i.e. Chance, Risk, Empathy, etc. The podcast's got the best of the best talks, with the same fun environment as every Creative Mornings. 

Try this episode: Debbie Millman's The top 10 things I wish I knew when I graduated college OR Lulu Miller's Catapulting Chance Into Your Stupid Head!

Liking...Sara Combs' Instagram feed

I'm not quite sure how I stumbled upon Sara Combs' feed, but if you're a fan of cacti, or Joshua Tree, you'll love it. She's in her second round of the #100daysproject, where she selects an focus to create art around for a year. This year is, you guessed it, #100daysofcacti. Her past project was 100 days of San Francisco patterns.  Her work demonstrates the value of cultivating the habit of creating daily.

Visit her feed, or see more of her design work on her website.

(Side note: She and her husband also remolded the Insta-famous Joshua Tree House)