You’re worth the $4 latte (+ $2 parking).

A year ago, I blogged a list of things that I want to hold fast to in my life. Its easy to lose sight of #2 on my list: Always people. Because @@people are important and irreplaceable.@@ 

When life feels crazy, I often hold on tighter to my routine.

I start believing the lie that “I’m too busy” – but really, I’m too selfish.

Relationships take effort, and I don’t give them the effort they deserve.

Especially with the closest people in my life – my family. I’m around them a good bit, but sometimes that’s not enough. Our presence in each other’s lives needs to be more than physical. It takes intentionality – with your words, time, actions.

My sister is in one of the most intense seasons of her life: planning a wedding and preparing for marriage in 3 short months. It’s often a rollercoaster of emotions in our house, and I find myself seeing her less. Connecting with her is harder, and it would be easier to let it be what it is, to stop pursuing her.

Two weeks out from April 2, I was home for a wedding shower. I had seen her all weekend, but hadn’t sat down and really talked. I called her Sunday morning: “Do you want to go out for coffee with me today?”

It was 30 minutes in a coffee shop, talking about nothing deep. But it was 30 minutes we had carved out to slow down and just be with each other.

Like the old Mastercard commercials:

$2 for parking,

$4 for a non-fat latte,

30 minutes with my sister

= priceless.

She’s worth it for me. We could have just sat in our living room, but it wouldn’t have been the same. One of us would’ve gotten distracted by something, or the time we had meant to spend together would have gotten delayed into obsolescence.

It took a thought, a simple invitation, and 30 minutes.

We may be busy, but relationships are worth the effort.

Ellie Holcomb once said: @@“Time with God is never wasted nor regretted.”@@

The same truth applies to all core relationships.

Time is my most valuable possession (cheesy, but true) – will I spend it selfishly, or spend it on things that will in return fill me up?

By no means am I perfect at this principle, but walking away from our quickie coffee date, I was just reminded:

@@People are worth it.@@