Blog Lovin'

I follow a lot of blogs. Probably too many, in fact. But I love reading them - honestly, they're always a highlight of my day. They're a mixture of lifestyle, cooking, editorial, how-tos, etc. 

I like to think that they keep me well-informed on life, grow my knowledge of every random thing, and make me overall a more cultured person. 

If you don't follow any blogs, then I highly encourage you do! It's so incredible to watch creatives turn what they love to do into a full-time job through blogging. 

Here are some of my favorites:

Cupcakes & Cashmere

One of my absolute favorites. Emily Schuman is  a full-time blogger in LA, meaning that she blogs twice daily (so for blog-obsessed people like me, she does a good job of satisfying that obsession). Her posts range from recipes, to style, to tips, to DIYS, to random thoughts. Emily makes Wednesday's a highlight for me with her Links I Love series, aka the inspiration for my series Linked.

Blog post to read first: Links I Love


In Honor of Design

Anna Lisemeyer was one of the first blogs I started following. An Atlanta local, she blogs about style, decor, travel, DIYs, etc. With a background in graphic design, she's also made blogging a full-time job and runs The Brand Market, a one day workshop for small business owners and creative entrepreneurs. One time I saw her in Anthropologie and it took me a good 20 minutes to muster up the courage to walk up to her and tell her how much I love her blog. Super sweet woman!

Blog post to read first: Any of her Local Notes

Yeah, Imma Eat That

My absolute favorite food blog. Kylie is a registered dietician in Houston, who is obsessed with all things cookie dough and keeps me laughing. But truly, I love her recipes - they're healthy, easy, and fun. She's one of the few food bloggers who I want to make every recipe they post. 




Read: 30 minute Healthier Cinnamon Rolls

(I made these a few weeks ago! now, they don't compare to legit cinnamon rolls, but they make for a yummy, healthier alternative!)


The Kitchn

It feeds my food obsession. All things food (or kitchen-related) all the time. One of things I love is that they don't limit the blog to just recipes - it answers every cooking question you might have, introduces you to what's going on in the food world, shows you kitchen remodels, and more. And they post lots. 

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The EveryGirl

Think of it as the more lighthearted cousin of Darling Magazine. Career advice and profiles, home tours, fashion and beauty advice, and travel guides dominate their website. The profiles of businesswomen really appeal to me; as a college student trying to figure out what she wants to do in life, hearing other women speak about their passions and what they do provides unique insight into the real world (yikes).

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A Cup of Jo

All these women blogging for a living! Joanna Goddard lives in Brooklyn and formerly wrote and blogged for a variety of magazines: Glamour, Bene, Cosmopolitan, Conde Nast, etc. Here's how she describes her blog: "Founded in January 2007, A Cup of Jo is a daily blog, which covers fashion, design, food, travel, weddings, relationships, motherhood and lifestyle. My readers are enthusiastic, style-conscious women who love shopping online and discovering new things." some of my favorite posts of hers include her weekend links and NYC apartment tours. 

Read: Have a Great Weekend

Joanna pretty much summed up the common denominator of all these blogs: they help me discover new things that I previously wouldn't have discovered before. 

So happy discovering! What are some of your favorite blogs?