The way we see the world is powerful.

Quick Thought Thursdays:

Imagine a world that’s dull. Bland. Grey. Everything is just one shade.

Valspar Paint recently released a video where they showed the impact that color blindness can have on a person’s life
Color blindness is a “situation where because your eyes are different than someone else’s eyes, you don’t see the world the same way,” says Dr. Robert Spruijt, Perceptual Psychologist.

There’s not a problem in the wiring, but in the eye.

With the help of technology, Valspar Paint created a pair of glasses that enable the colorblind to become color-sighted.

“… a whole end of the spectrum that I was not aware of…”

“I never realized how much I was effected by the fact that I couldn’t see the world the way other people see the world.”

“All these things that are intentional in life I never caught onto.”

The way we see the world is powerful.

Even though the majority of people are not colorblind, I think there are so many things we can take away from this video.

1. We can easily grow complacent, start seeing the world as uniform, stop seeing the world as full of opportunities to marvel, grow, engage.

I can lose my perception, awareness, and discernment.

I start to see only the little story and not the big story.

In the spiritual sense, I know I have tasted and seen that God is good.

But sometimes I grow blind to the presence of God in the everyday, the way he colors creation and my life.

2. I can forget that my sight is powerful, in the metaphorical (and physical) sense.

I have a very special friend who sees that world in such a beautiful way. Every piece of creation and event in her life is a message from her Creator. The most beautiful thing is that she openly shares what she sees in life – she helps other people see.

A few years back I had an English teacher like this as well. She taught literature with a passion, always connecting the themes of the story to the bigger picture of God and his glory.  She made me so enthusiastic about literature - she helped me see.

3. I forget that I have a unique set of eyes.

My eyes are capable of seeing the world differently than anyone else. I forget to take full advantage of my sight – I don’t use my gift.

The takeaway of colorblindness and sight is this: don’t live a life of seeing less – use your eyes to see the intentionality of God everywhere – change your outlook on life.