Charlestrippin' (48 hours in Charleston)

When you and your best friend (aka older sister) have one weekend of overlapping spring breaks, what else do you do besides take a road trip?

Here's the honest to goodness truth: there's not much to do in Charleston besides eating, shopping, and walking around. 

Night one we biked around, and being the researcher I am, I compiled a list of restaurants and coffee shops to visit. 

LEON'S // 698 King Street;

Our first stop was Leon's: a restaurant specializing in oysters and fried chicken. Since my parents don't like oysters, I've never had an oyster. So when I saw they offered the option to just get one, I seized it. Still not quite sure what to think about it... it kinda tasted like shrimp? But that could have been the cocktail sauce on the side. 

If you do end up going to Leon's, get the charred raddicchio salad. Sooo good. 


SAINT ALBAN // 710 King Street;

Friday morning, we headed to Saint Alban. Such a cute coffee shop with breakfast and lunch options (also run by the people at Leon's!)

We sat and talked life, decisions, and Jesus, making for a good slow morning. 

BUTCHER AND BEE // 654 King Street;

Tay and I didn't have to bike far for one of our favorites - Butcher and Bee. Notice the trend of everything being on King St? Turns out Upper King is the new area. 

Chalkboard menu changes daily, specializes in sandwiches, but don't count out their small and large plates. 

Seriously. Squash-on-squash (spaghetti and butternut squash, feta, arugula, and pesto) and the mezze plate were killer. 

Bonus of traveling with family: you share everything. 

Our favorite area to explore is the Waterfront area. After biking around, we parked and zig-zagged our way through the streets. 


THE PARK CAFE // 730 Rutledge Ave;

I seriously considered gramming that top pic of Tay with the caption: "Baby you're so brunch-tastic," but she vetoed it. 

Brunch was The Park Cafe, again in the Upper King are (shocker). The decor was way cool and they also had fancy toast! (It's a California/NYC thing - c'mon Atlanta, get with it). 

They also serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner on a daily basis - will have to come back!

THE DAILY // 652 B. King St;

Owned by Butcher and Bee (so it has to be good), The Daily has everything. Juices, smoothies, breakfast, lunch, fresh baked-goods (carried over from B&B), and Stumptown Coffee. 

Tay went with a latte, but I was a little more adventurous and went with the Tahini Hot Chocolate - which was surprisingly good. 

CANDLEFISH // 71 Wentworth St;

We're not much of shoppers, but we did peek our heads in Candlefish. Aesthetically, so beautiful. 

And see that wall? They have one hundred different scents for candles. one hundred. 

BLACK TAP COFFEE // 70 1/2 Beaufain St;

Lavender Latte. It's good people. We ordered it hot, they served it iced, no big deal since it was hot outside. 

This cute little coffee shop was bustling to the brim with families, college students, business men. 

We ended our 48 hours (49 but who's counting) with picnic at the Cistern Yard, on the campus of College of Charleston. 

Let's do it again some time, Tay.