Let me tell you a story...

Let me tell you a story of a little girl.

Just four years old, she sat in her mama’s lap and read words off a page for the first time: “Cuh-ah-tuh. Cat!” That moment sparked something in her: she began to devour books, with her parents ultimately pointing her in the direction of the library – “Thousands of books, and for free!”

She amassed her personal collection of stories, as well as friends that simply lived on the pages. The girl always dreamed of being a writer, of emulating her heroes. But it wasn’t until her 5th grade teacher spoke these words to her that she actually believed it could happen: “Good readers make good writers.”

She’s been writing ever since, seeking to tell true, good stories and to see the stories in her everyday life.

I am that girl. With all the passion with in me (and there’s a lot), I pursue stories. It doesn’t matter the medium: I’ll tell them with pictures, with words, with food; on my blog, on social media, or in my kitchen. My unique love for knowledge leads me to pursue everything with an intensity.

But why? Why do I tell stories?

I love the way stories move me, teach me, and shape me. 

Stories are what connect us as human beings. Each of our lives is a grand story - my life is a story, one that I get to play an active part. 

I thought, What better way to emphasize my love for words and stories than to start by telling a story?

With my resume, I pitch myself based on my skills.

With my blog, I give a glimpse to who I am.

This is who I am and this is what I’m passionate about, and I’m eager to learn. I want to grow not only with my skills, but also as a person.

I read See.Spark.Go.'s "About Us" page, and I think, Yes! Yes! This is just like me: a company that values the connection between stories and people, leaving them inspired and motivated to share. Hopefully, having read this blogpost, you see the connection that I saw. Not only did I see a similarity, but I saw See.Spark.Go. as an opportunity to challenge myself, develop new strengths, and build impactful relationships.

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*But through this blogpost, I have shown my skills of iPhoneography, writing, and Squarespace :)