My name is McKenzie.

I'm an 20-year-old student of all things,

eater of anything dark-chocolate,

owner of a thousand books (roughly),

capturer of moments in words and pictures,  

resident of Atlanta,

and first and foremost, lover of Jesus. 

Fun Facts:

My first name is actually Caroline. gotcha. 

I used to be the pickiest eater but now will eat (and cook!) just about anything. 

Relevant podcast is my jam... but not really, because it's not music. But I can still say that, right? (Jesse, you're my fave)

Tom Hanks once gave me a thumbs-up. 

I'm a sucker for free (food) samples, thus Whole Foods is my happy place.

Why 'the remembering place'? >

For as long as I can remember, I've always been a little different - not that we all aren't different from each other, but somehow my difference was a little bit heavier and a little bit bolder. A little too eager to do extra credit, always the first to finish a test. Checking out a leaning tower of books at the library every few weeks - I knew my library card ID by heart. Sitting on my bedroom floor, trying to 'scribe the feelings within. My English teacher was my best friend. Ironically, I have a pretty fantastic memory. But in the past season of life, I forgot little parts of me.My quirks, passions, habits, dreams, gifts. I'm fighting to remember, rediscover, and celebrate every nook and cranny of my soul that may have been covered with dust and cobwebs - I'm fighting for late-night reads, car-ride songs, scribbled journals, drawn-out dinners. These are a few of my favorite things - the things that make my heart sing (oh hey, that rhymed). I don't believe in letting my differences - my gifts - sit on a shelf and simply wait to be checked out. I believe that they were bestowed with intention, with the hope of dreams and visions to birthed one day out of them. I believe one of the greatest things I can do in my time on earth is recognize my true purpose - to pursue God and make His name known. And the ripples of that purpose? My creations, ponderings, and explorations will be even richer and more fulfilling because they have a why, a reason- the why found in God.

What are your favorite blog posts? >

A good place to start is with The List, Commas and Dashes, or Cooking vs. Baking.

What are your favorite recipes?>

Almost 100% of the recipes I make come from Pinterest. Visit my 'check.' board HERE.